32 Stunning Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Women To Try

Get gorgeous sun-kissed tresses with this popular hair-coloring trend.

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You have probably heard of balayage if you are a hair coloring enthusiast. Since it is one of the top hair coloring techniques, we decided to make a list of our favorite balayage hair color ideas to inspire you for your next hair color experiment.

Balayage hair coloring technique uses free hand to paint your hair in a sweeping motion. No foils are used during this hair coloring method. Your new hair color ends up with a natural flow that bleeds seamlessly into your natural hair color or any other shade you add in. You can experiment with so many shades of pastel colors like a soft blue, vibrant pop shades like electric pink, or natural shades like blonde and brown. You know that flawless sun-kissed hair color trend everyone is gaga over? A balayage is how you achieve it! The sky is the limit with this hair coloring trend! Keep reading to check out the top 30 incredible balayage hair color inspiration. But before that, here’s how you can achieve a balayage at home, without spending a dime at the salon. Scroll down to know more!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • It’s vital to know that if you’re opting for light colors, some amount of bleach will be involved and if you’re choosing dark colors, you might require multiple layers of coloring. Divide these bleaching and coloring sessions over multiple days to prevent hair damage.
  • When following hair trends, look at reference images to help you to achieve a tailor-made look. Ask a hair stylist or colorist for suggestions regarding haircuts and the color you want along with hair maintenance tips.
  • Try a patch test before getting the hair treatment in order to rule out any hair products that you might be allergic to.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to prevent your hair dye from fading away quickly. Follow a daily hair care routine to keep your bleached and colored hair healthy.
  • In case you do not like how your hair grows out after the balayage effect, you might have to keep refreshing the color every 6-8 weeks.


You Will Need

  • Gloves
  • An old towel
  • Vaseline
  • Large hair clips
  • Paddle brush
  • Balayage color kit

How To Balayage

  1. Apply Vaseline all along your hairline and put on your gloves to avoid staining your face or hands with the hair color.
  2. Drape your towel around your shoulders to avoid getting any color on your clothes.
  3. Follow the instructions given on your box to mix the hair color.
  4. Section off and clip all the hair at the top of your head and flip the hair left loose at the back over your shoulders.
  5. Using the brush given in the kit, apply the hair color onto the bristles of your paddle brush.
  6. Run your paddle brush from the mid-length to the ends of your hair.
  7. Flip the brush and run it through the same section of hair, but from the back.
  8. Keep applying hair color onto your paddle brush and running it through all the sections of your hair.
  9. Make sure you apply more color towards the ends and lesser on the top to achieve that natural look.
  10. Unclip the top half of your hair and apply color to it in the same manner.
  11. On sections of hair where you want more color, apply the same with the help of the coloring brush that comes with the kit.
  12. Run your paddle brush once again through all your hair to spread the color more evenly.
  13. Leave the hair color on for the duration of time indicated on the box.
  14. Wash your hair and condition it.
  15. Let your hair air dry or blow dry it to finish the look.

Well, now that you’ve balayaged your hair successfully, let’s look at the beautiful colors and shades you can style it in!

Balayage Hair Color Ideas

1. Wonderland Balayage

Wonderland Balayage
Image: Shutterstock

Bring out your inner unicorn with this surreal wonderland balayage. Blue, pink, and purple come together to form this galactic and playful color trend that is not for the faint-hearted.  Step it up a notch and style your hair in curls or waves to give it a fairy tale touch. 

2. Foxy Fierce Balayage

Foxy Fierce Balayage
Image: Shutterstock

Black and white is the greatest combo the world has to offer. And this foxy grayish tone ombre created with the balayage technique transforms your hair making you look fierce and dapper.

3. Dusty Rose Balayage

Dusty rose balayage hair color idea to get shades of brown and pink
Image: IStock

So after years and years of waiting, you’re finally going to Coachella this year. But wait! Besides putting together the perfect boho chic outfits, you also need to do something about your hair. This dusty rose balayage that blends shades of soft brown and blush pink together will make you look like the desert princess of Coachella Valley.

4. Raspberry Sorbet Balayage

Raspberry sorbet balayage hair color idea to get shades of pink and purple
Image: Shutterstock

Is there anything better than a cool fruity sorbet on a hot summer afternoon? Of course not! Be the coolness of everyone’s eyes with this balayage style inspired by raspberry sorbet. The pinks and purples blend seamlessly into one another to create this look that definitely packs a punch.

5. Gold Lining Balayage

Gold lining balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Every cloud may have a silver lining, as the adage goes. But why settle for silver when you can go for gold? These chocolate brown have been highlighted with a gorgeous golden shade at the ends to create this magnificent balayage style.

6. Sunkissed Blonde Balayage

Sunkissed blonde balayage
Image: IStock

Dark colors may rule the winter, but come summer, and everyone’s rushing to their hair salon to get that touch of blonde in their hair. This sunkissed blonde balayage style is sure to transform you into a total beach babe. Style your hair in some shaggy texturized waves and throw on a leather jacket to complete the look.

7. Smoke And Mirrors Balayage

Smoke And Mirrors Balayage
Image: IStock

Put on an air of mystery and intrigue everyone around you with this beautiful balayage style. The black hair at the roots flows into an ashy gray and then a lustrous blonde to create a look that is the literal personification of smoke and mirrors. Add more depth and dimension to this look by styling your hair straight.

8. Supernova Balayage

Supernova balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Do you ever look up at the night sky and marvel at its beauty because it makes you realize why people draw so much inspiration from it while making a piece of art? Take this stunning balayage style, for example. Her jet black hair has been highlighted with shades of deep blue and purple to create a masterpiece.

9. Neon Mermaid Balayage

Neon mermaid balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Regular mermaids are cool and all but picture this – neon mermaids. With iridescent tails in shades of neon blue and pink. Cool, right? Now, transfer all that imagery onto your hair, and you’ve got this look. Her light blonde hair has been accented with shades of neon blue and sea green to create this gorgeous look that’s one for the ages.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Alternatively, you can also combine bright neon green with dirty blonde to create a subtle neon mermaid balayage.

10. Dark Chocolate Balayage

Dark chocolate balayage hair color
Image: IStock

Once you see that dark chocolate ganache oozing down the sides of that cake, you know that your diet is going for a toss. Dark chocolate tends to have that hypnotizing effect on people. So, enchant people with your hair by going for this brown balayage look. This naturally dark brown hair has been highlighted with beautiful soft brown and auburn streaks to give it tons of dimension.

11. Caramel Latte Balayage

Caramel latte balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Honestly, seeing people’s addiction to coffee these days makes me feel like Starbucks is the capitalist overlord that is controlling all our lives. But look on the bright side! It makes amazing coffee in an array of flavors that then serve as inspiration for hair color looks! Take this gorgeous blonde balayage style, for example. Warm brown and creamy blonde blend to create a look just as magical as your morning cup of coffee.

Casy Simmons, a curly hair expert and the owner of Royal Locks Curl Care, agrees with our pick. She adds, “This color is also perfect for curly haired people. The shape of the curls really make the light balayage pop. The curls look like ribbons coming out of your hair. The complexity and contrast of the light color on top of the darker brown is simply gorgeous. Don’t forget a leave-in conditioner before any balayage to protect your tresses.

12. Valentine’s Pink Balayage

Valentines pink balayage
Image: IStock

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or believe that it’s a capitalist mechanism brought about to make people buy more stuff they don’t need, I think we can all agree that it’s fun being inundated with red and pink decoration for that one day. So, show off your love for all things pink with this romantic pink balayage done on brown hair.

13. Soft Blonde Balayage

Soft blonde balayage hair color
Image: IStock

Elegant, poised, has all her shit together – if these are the qualities you’re trying to project through your appearance, here’s a balayage look that is tailor-made for you. The beauty of this blonde balayage done on dark brown hair is only elevated by the straight long bob that it has been style into.

14. Rosé Pink Balayage

Rosé Pink Balayage
Image: Shutterstock

If you’re one of those ladies who loves her wine, I’m sure you know how pretty a bottle of rosé looks. Well, this balayage style takes inspiration from just that. The blonde tresses are fantastically highlighted with a soft pink shade to create this style that looks exactly like a bottle of bubbly rosé.

15. Bright Blonde Balayage

Bright blonde balayage
Image: IStock

Always wondered why blondes have all the fun? Then try out this look and find out for yourself! This chic balayage style incorporates messily done blonde highlights on dark brown hair. Style your hair in some rough and textured waves to make the most of this balayage look.

16. Rose Gold Balayage

Idea for rose gold balayage hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Every store you enter and every shopping website you visit, there’s no way that you can escape the rose gold products that they are all flooded with. It’s the color of the hour and, of course, hairdressers around the world are trying it out. This absolutely stunning rose gold balayage is classy, chic, and one of a kind.

17. Cool Toned Blonde Balayage

Cool toned blonde balayage hair color idea
Image: IStock

Go for that “warm winter evening spent by a bonfire in a log cabin” look with this brown balayage style. The blended light and dark brown look keeps things with its cool toned finish. Just style your hair in some relaxed waves and throw on a chunky sweater to complete this look.

18. Blush Pink Balayage

Idea for a blush pink balayage hair color
Image: IStock

For those unfamiliar, taupe is that unusual and beautiful shade that lies somewhere between pink and brown on the color spectrum. This gorgeous color makes for a great highlighting shade when doing a balayage on medium brown hair.

19. Lava Red Balayage

Lava red balayage hair color idea
Image: IStock

Let your inner fire out and let it glow through your hair with this intense red balayage style. The deep auburn at the roots rapidly melts into a fiery lava red shade to create this look that is a feast for the eyes. Set your style statement on fire by curling your hair up and pairing it with a neutral toned outfit.

20. Forest Green Balayage

Idea for forest green balayage hair color
Image: Shutterstock

Feel a little closer to nature with this verdant balayage look that is as pretty as it gets. Over the base of jet black hair, the rich forest green balayage comes to life to create a stunning effect. Leave your hair unstyled and throw on a flannel to complete your lumberjack-living-in-the-middle-of-the-woods look.

21. Pastel Unicorn Balayage

Idea for pastel unicorn balayage color for blonde hair
Image: Shutterstock

Who doesn’t love unicorns? (If you don’t, what’s wrong with you?) Though you might never be able to poop rainbows and fart glitter like them, at least you can have their fantastic pastel hair! Go for a subtle balayage look by highlighting your blonde hair with light blue and pink to create this gorgeously colorful style.

22. Sunrise Yellow Balayage

Sunrise yellow balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Everyone talks about the beautiful balayage hair colors similar to the sky at sunset. But you know what’s tragically underrated? Sunrises! This yellow balayage style is a tribute to that magical time at dawn where the dark sky beautifully bursts into a bright yellow. The ginger hair at the top slowly transitions to copper and then to yellow to create this super pretty look.

23. Ultraviolet Balayage

Ultraviolet balayage color idea for black hair
Image: IStock

OK, first up – if you haven’t listened to Ultraviolet by The Stiff Dylans, do so right now and thank me later. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s turn our attention to this mesmerizing balayage style. The effect created by layering a vivid violet shade over her jet black hair is absolutely out of this world.

24. Lavender Balayage

Lavender balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Lavender perfume, lavender soap, lavender oil…heck, even lavender tea. Anything infused with this gorgeous flower is transformed into a thing of beauty. So why wouldn’t you try out its beautiful shade on your hair? Highlight and balayage your dusty brown hair with a lavender shade to transform yourself into an adorable flower child.

25. Lilac Balayage

Lilac balayage hair color idea for blondes
Image: Shutterstock

Here’s another flower themed balayage that is sure to tickle your fancies. Balayage your light brown or blonde hair with a light lilac shade to give it an ethereal feel. Curl up your hair and add some texture to it to complete your carefree hippie look.

26. Plum Balayage

Plum balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Go for a royal look with this plum balayage that is sure to take your and everyone else’s breath away. Just balayage your dark hair with a rich and intense shade of purple to create an air of sexy mystery around you. Style your hair in a straight long bob and you’ll have everyone wondering “Who’s that girl?”

27. Maroon Balayage

Maroon balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Now, here’s a balayage hair dye shade that you don’t see people sporting all that often. Which is a crying shame because look how stunning it is! The breathtaking maroon balayage done on black hair looks fun and flirty while still maintaining an air of dignity around it.

28. Deep Purple Balayage

Deep purple balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Besides being the name of the band that pioneered heavy metal rock, deep purple also happens to make for a stunning hair color. Balayage your dark hair with various shades of purple to create a hair look that is an absolute treat for the eyes. With your hair styled in some soft curls, it is sure to look like the galaxy.

29. Bubblegum Swirl Balayage

Bubblegum swirl balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Are you a total girly girl and addicted to everything pink? Well, here’s a stunning balayage style that will be perfect for you! This swirly bubblegum pink balayage style is the epitome of cutesy and adorbadorbs.

30. Rich Blonde Balayage

Rich blonde balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

If you ever watched Gossip Girl, you’ll know that Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) had the most enviably gorgeous blonde tresses. This balayage style recreates her iconic shaggy blonde hair look and how! With rich blonde highlights running through deep brown hair and super voluminous and textured waves, there will be no stopping you from being on top of your style game.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can try out different varieties of blonde balayage such as ribbon blonde, platinum blonde, dark blonde, ash blonde, or caramel blonde.

31. Silver Fox Balayage

Silver fox balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

You know what they say…you either go big or go home. And this balayage style definitely goes big. Show everyone the foxy mama that you are with this silver balayage hair look that is sure to make everyone’s heads turn. It may take a few sessions to perfect this look. But hey, the magical elven look you end up with is worth all the effort.

32. Bloody Mary Balayage

Bloody mary balayage hair color idea
Image: Shutterstock

Bloody Mary may make for a truly disgusting cocktail (#sorrynotsorry), but it sure does have the most gorgeous red color to it. This balayage style takes inspiration from this classic drink. The intense red color highlights strikingly stand out on her naturally dark hair to create a look that is bound to enamor anyone.

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that involves painting the hair in a natural sweeping motion with your free hand. This technique does not use foils to section hair. This allows the colors from each layer to bleed into each other, creating a natural flowy look. If this is your first time trying to color your hair with this technique, you should practice on a doll or friend or on some hair extentions. It might help to have a friend to direct and help you. Scroll up to check out some amazing balayage hair color ideas to inspire you for your look. Remember, once you color your hair, you should take the needed care to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: ombre or balayage?

It depends on your style preference. Ombre is a dramatic two-toned style that suits long hair, while balayage gives you subtle highlights with a flowing effect.

Is balayage better than highlights?

It depends on your level of maintenance. Balayage is comparatively low-maintenance and provides subtle, blended highlights that look natural. However, if you want a more dramatic effect, opt for highlights.

Will balayage cover gray hair?

Yes. Balayage allows the colorist to target gray hair strands without touching the scalp, which makes it a great choice for gray coverage.

Does balayage require bleach?

Yes. The balayage process includes a lightening step, a process where your hair strands are lightened with bleach.

How long does a balayage last?

A balayage lasts about 3-4 months. The touch-up period is relatively longer than most dyeing techniques, like highlights.

Transform your mane! Check out this video and try the exciting shades of 12 stunning balayage hair color ideas to step up your hairstyle game!

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