52 Simple Office Hairstyles For Women

Never look shabby at work with hairdos like sleek bobs, ponytail braids, and more.

Reviewed by Gabrielle WhiteGabrielle White, Master Cosmetologist
Written by Anjali SayeeAnjali Sayee  • 

Working women face the hassle of getting ready for work every day. So, to ease your burden, we scoured the internet and compiled a list of flattering office hairstyles for women to wear. You may be a chef, fitness trainer, business or corporate woman, or have any other career, and you will find a hairstyle that suits your work life. So, keep reading to discover which style you can choose and make your own. Scroll down now!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Opt for fuss-free hairstyles. Avoid long, flowy hairstyles and any style with blunt and sharp angles. Instead, choose layers and curls to add texture and flow.
  • Have accessories like hair bands and bobby pins handy to pin your hair up if it comes in the way.
  • Steer clear of hair dyes and highlights in bright colors. Instead, opt for balayage in neutral hues. The subtle change in color looks professional and brightens your face.

Here are 52 simple office hairstyles for women. Check them out:

1. Sleek Middle-Parted Ponytail

Sleek Middle-Parted Ponytail
Image: Shutterstock

The sleek front makes you look professional and in control. It is also trendy and easy to style and maintain.

2. Sleek Top Knot

Sleek Top Knot
Image: Shutterstock

A sleek top knot is both professional and practical. It is an office-appropriate updo and keeps strands off your face so you can focus and gives a polished look.

3. Round Brown Bob

Image: Getty

The round edgy bob is a perfect hairstyle for office wear. The style is graceful and elegant.

4. Sleek Side Swept

Image: Getty

Wear the hairdo short with side swept fringes. It’s simple, neat, and classy.
Master hair stylist and cosmetologist Gabrielle White adds, “With more and more people returning to the office finding a new sleek hairstyle is a great idea and this is a perfect example.”

5. Black Fringed Bob

Image: Getty

The trimmed fringes with the black bob are chic and edgy. The style is pretty neat and elegant.

6. Side Swept Bob

Image: Getty

The hairdo features the bob with a side swept fringe tucked behind the ear. The style is formal and elegant.

7. Tousled Bob

Image: Getty

This short bob features a tousled essence with an edgy fringe contouring the forehead. The style is chic and edgy.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Hair slides complement the bob hairstyle like no other accessory. Adding an accessory from the back provides a lift to your bob haircut and freshens its look.

8. Blonde Wavy

Image: Getty

The blonde wavy hairdo is one of the easiest office hair styles for women. The style is apt if you love wavy twists. The hairdo looks edgy with a wavy poof at the front.

9. Sleek Pulled Back

Image: Getty

The sleek hairdo is styled on medium length hair and is done with a neat side part. The messy hairdo is styled with an elegant twist.

10. Thick Brunette Short Bob

Image: Getty

The bob has thick layers which display a copious essence with a windy feel to it. The style is worn short and provides elegance.

11. Short Curly Edged Bob

Image: Getty

The bob with tousled curly edges has a spiral shaped curls which provide a tender and soft touch to the hairdo. The style is edgy and pretty.

12. Blunt Bob With Fringes

Image: Getty

The bob is marked by long fringes which add a subtle soft touch to the otherwise crispy and edgy hairdo.

13. Golden Edgy Blunt Bob

Image: Getty

The side sleek bob with the edgy blonde finesse is full of precision and gives a smart style to the wearer. The inward shaped edges give the bob a different shape.

14. Geeky Bob

Image: Getty

The wavy twirl at the front gives this geeky bob a perky touch. The style is smart and funky with a formal fervor.

15. Round Light Brown Bob

Image: Getty

The edgy bob with layered fringes is chic and elegant with layered fringes which extend up to the ears. This layered round bob looks elegant and attractive.

16. Funky Ombre Bob

Image: Getty

The side swept bob is chic and edgy with the ombre shades. The edgy bob is cool with a formal vibe. It’s slightly ruffled and dressed with a side part. It’s a funky formal style.

17. Sleek Golden Short Bob

Image: Getty

The edgy hairdo is styled with soft round fringe which gives a tender definition to this trimmed hairdo.

18. Slender Shine

Image: Getty

The sleek hairdo features the ruffled side part in golden blonde hues. The bob has a semi sleek texture.

19. Ombre Short Bob

Image: Getty

The edgy fringed bob with ombre golden hues and the style is hued with ruffled feathered look. The style is formal though it has a casual touch to it.

20. Tousled Black Bob

Image: Getty

The blend in with the tousled curly bob is chic and stylish. The smart bob is simple and easy to wear. The style is perfect for a formal occasion.

21. Oval Fringed Bob

Image: Getty

The black edgy sleek bob is featured with round fringes contouring the forehead. The style is chic and elegant.

22. Side Parted Ombre Flair

Image: Getty

The side swept wavy bob is done with a subtle tousled essence. The hairdo is wavy and done with an ombre touch.

23. Perky Feel

Image: Getty

The bang features a leaf like bang at the front which provides for a perky appeal. The hairdo is smart and fresh. The style would definitely suit a young office goer.

24. Black Side Swept Bob

Image: Getty

The perky bob is chic and edgy. The side swept bob is full of tousled layers with elegant style.

25. Tousled Edged Bob

Image: Getty

The dry texture of the bob makes it different and unique. The style is edgy with a tousled flavor.

26. Square Shaped Bob

Image: Getty

This bob is styled in the side swept style with more layers on one side thus making a particular side more voluminous with detail.

27. Sleek Classic Bob

Image: Getty

This classic bob possesses a sleek character and is full of precision. The style is done with a mid part.

28. Elegantly Sleek

Image: Getty

The bob is styled with a side part and sits edgily with step layers bending low on one side. The rhythm on one side is more than the other.

29. Wavy Layers

Image: Getty

The wavy layered bob is chic and edgy. The style is done with a layered bang comprising the top and curly layers blending in the lower end.

30. Long Side Ponytail

Image: Getty

The white platinum ponytail with long edgy layers gathered into a pony flaunted on the side gives an edgy and chic style.

31. Golden To Knot

Image: Getty

The edgy high ponytail with golden brown hues is tied in a knot like style. The hairdo is chic and stylish.

32. Ponytail Braids

Image: Getty

The ponytail is braided for an edgy and smart style. The hairdo is simply stylish and elegant. It’s effortless and can be worn for a usual office day.

33. Black Neat Ponytail

Image: Getty

The black ponytail with the neat top and thick layers is simple and effortless style for formal events and of course office.

34. Light Brown Side Ponytail

Image: Getty

The side swept hair with the edgy ponytail gives and neat and tidy appeal along with a perky zeal which is just right for the normal office routine.

35. Ombre Sleek Ponytail

Image: Getty

The sleek ponytail with slender and fine streaks gives a unique character to the hairdo.

36. Sleek Ponytail

Image: Getty

The brown ponytail with a sleek and smooth finesse is smart and attractive. The long tresses can be tamed in for this hairdo.

protip_icon Quick Tip
If you have fine hair and wish to add volume, dampen your ponytail and apply some texture cream or foam to it. The product adds texture and lift to your hair.

37. V Shaped Tail

Image: Getty

The golden brown ponytail with a V shape at the end makes for a different zeal. The ponytail is long and has a smooth edgy finesse.

38. Edgy Bouffant Ponytail

Image: Getty

The hairdo with short side part in this edgy bouffant ponytail is perfect for a special official occasion.

39. Red Tousled Ponytail

Image: Getty

The red tousled ponytail is edgy and efficient for a formal style. If you have frizzy wavy hair then this style is apt for it.

40. Fringed Ponytail

Image: Getty

The fringed ponytail is chic and elegant. It has a cute and innocent fervor to it. The tousled fervor is edgy and chic.

41. Sleek Ponytail

Image: Getty

The sleek ponytail is edgy and smart with a shiny and glossy finesse. This is one of the easiest hairstyles for the office going women to check out.

42. Frizzy Ponytail

Image: Getty

The simple ponytail is tied at a low base and is dressed with windy flyways. The style is apt for the frizzy wavy hair.

43. Flattened Ponytail

Image: Getty

The long side flattened out ponytail is chic and edgy with elegant twists at the top the hairdo gets a different detail.

44. Puffed Tail

Image: Getty

The puffy ponytail is edgy and chic with a vivid sleek description. The ponytail is hued golden and has a bright and pleasing vibe to the eye.

45. Side Swept Edgy

Image: Getty

The blonde ponytail is edgy and sleek with the side swept bangs. The edgy do is chic and elegant.

46. Curly Blend

Image: Getty

The top is neat featuring and the lower end consists of a curly tail which provides for the beautiful contrast enhanced by the blend.

47. Elegant Braid

Image: Getty

The long edgy plaits are chic and elegant. The plaits are braided with the simple three strands and give an edgy appeal.

48. Tri Braided

Image: Getty

The three braids are interwoven to give this edgy and attractive appeal. This hairdo is chic and elegant.

49. Banged Fishtail Braid

Image: Getty

The messy fishtail braid with wavy bangs is one of the most popular hairstyles for office, as the formal look can get a bit messy. The messy essence is enhanced by the thickness.

50. Braided Bun

Image: Getty

The mini braids are awesome and beautiful. The braids merge with the braided bun and provide for an exotic and pretty style.

51. Curly Pulled Back Style

Image: Getty

The golden thick curls give an edgy detail to the lower end. The top is enhanced by the subtle puff and the pulled back style.

52. Twisted Half Up

Image: Getty

The twisted half up with a sleek brunette appeal is chic and edgy. When you want to let your hair down and go to office you can go with this hairdo.

Infographic: Top 6 Hairstyles For Office-Going Women

Managing work and home together is not a cakewalk. If you are looking for easy office-going hairstyles to make your morning hustle a little less annoying, we have got you covered. Check out the below infographic for some of the most convenient and easy hairstyles that you can do within a few minutes and be ready to take on the day.

top 6 hairstyles for office going women (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Flaunting a new hairstyle at work is guaranteed to leave you with an earful of compliments and keeps you looking forward to going to the office every day. From a volumized bob to loose waves, these 50 professional hairstyles for women are not monotonous or boring. If you wonder how to pick the best hairstyles to suit you from this list, consider your face shape and character. Some hairstyles suit particular face shapes better than others. Shorter hairstyles are edgier, while longer hairstyles let you play around with different hairstyles. If you want a challenge, try pairing your clothes to match these hairstyles!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most professional hairstyle for women?

A sleek ponytail, short hair tucked behind the ears, and a bun are a few professional hairstyles for women.

Is long hair unprofessional for women?

No, long hair is not considered unprofessional unless one leaves it without a proper hairstyle. Long hair can give one a professional look if one opts for a suitable hairstyle.

Are space buns appropriate for work?

Space buns are mostly associated with the festival and party hairstyles. They give one a younger look and may not be appropriate for work.

Are French braids professional for the office?

Yes, French braids are considered one of the professional hairstyles. They give a simple yet classy look.

Is messy hair unprofessional?

Yes, messy hair is considered unprofessional. It not only gives you an unprofessional look but also is very inconvenient.

Is it better to wear your hair up or down for an interview?

As long as your hair looks neat, it will make a good first impression during a professional interview. You can leave your hair open if it is frizz-free, straight, and doesn’t look disheveled. You can also tie your hair in simple ponytails or a classy bun for an interview.

Learn how to create the easy yet stunning formal hairstyles in this step-by-step tutorial video. Elevate your look for any special occasion with these effortless and elegant hairdos.

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